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Something New (Something About Him Book 1) 

by Sean Ashcroft 



Would marrying his best friend to get his hands on a quaint, small-town bookstore really be that bad?

Declan never expected to ask himself that question, but when an inheritance from a distant great uncle offers him the chance at a brand new start in a brand new town—with the catch that he has to marry before he can have it—he’s forced to consider it.

Ash has been Declan’s best friend since college, and he’s the only person Declan can trust to help him. Getting him to agree to marry him is one thing, but dealing with the way it changes their relationship is something else entirely.

New surroundings leave Declan confused by how he really feels about Ash, the freedom of Hope Springs awakening something in him that he hadn’t known was there before. Ash is happy to help him out, but what started out as a simple question soon becomes something much more…

Something New is the first book in a new series set in Hope Springs! It stands alone, has a HEA, and does not end with a cliffhanger. However, it does contain: a room full of second-hand books, a ridiculous will condition, cheating at video games, explicit sex scenes, and doughnuts.


Love love love

There isn’t a book of Sean Ashcroft’s that I don’t love! And … there’s never EVER enough times to go back and visit Hope Springs, the happiest, gayest, rainbow flag flying, friendliest, bestest (yes, bestest!) place on earth!!!!

Best friends since they met in college, Ash and Declan head to Hope Springs after Declan gets an odd letter from the lawyer of his recently deceased Great Uncle Marv to take over the ownership of the bookstore in town. One teeny little stipulation … he needs to be married for thirty days to keep it all legit … Hmmm … Who will be the lucky … groom? Wait, Declan is totally straight! Oh, no, he isn’t!!! No one in Sean Ashcroft’s world is “totally” straight, and that’s just fine with me!!!!!

We get to visit so many of our friends from the happiest place in the world like Charlie, Marcus, Lexi, Scott … squeeeee …!

Does Declan feel like more than friends to Ash??? C’mon! You know the answer to that! The best part about Sean’s books are that all of his characters are genuine—intelligent and compassionate with a perfect amount of sass!!!

If I ever need to make myself immediately feel fabulous from a bad day … or not a bad day … I automatically find myself immersed in one of Sean Ashcroft’s books! Such a joy ~ always!! Five shining stars!!

Reviewed by Lisa Cullinan ~ Bourbon, Bikes, and Books Book Blog



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