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E9031FAA-B658-4764-92C5-5782D2A16101JOKER: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 9) 

by Nicole James

Release Date: July 31, 2018

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She’s a twenty-year-old girl working towards getting over her traumatic past, and moving forward with her life. That means leaving the safety she’s found at the Evil Dead MC’s clubhouse, and returning to school and an apartment on campus.

Last thing she wants is her new biker bodyguard to think she’s a scared little child. So she bluffs her way through situations, pretending to be tough and fearless, when in reality she’s the complete opposite. 

Holly can’t stand Joker—but tell that to her traitorous body.

Why did he have to be so good looking? 

Why did he have to be the one to make her feel again? 

And why did he have to be the one man she can’t have?


He has no idea what he’s done to earn the crap job of being this little brat’s new shadow, but he’s not about to let the president of his MC down. Joker was given one stipulation, she’s off limits. Holly may be a brat, but she’s also beautiful—and keeping his hands off her may be the death of him.

Joker isn’t about to stand for Holly’s bratty behavior. And he’s definitely not going to take any disrespect from her. For every stunt she pulls, he’s right there to drag her out of trouble and rein her in. 

She was just a brat, until he saw her vulnerable side. 

She was just a tough little smartass, until he saw the fear she hid.

She was just a job, until she wasn’t. 

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#firstlastandalways #edmc #sobadneverlookedsogood

4889E9C2-E6E7-45E0-BD97-DB578EA4667749267386-AD1A-452F-93F8-BEE264665E2EOutlaw in Audible

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