Review: Raising Riker by Paula Marinaro

705F77D8-F591-41F6-9BD8-1ACD3060E326Raising Riker: Hells Saint MC Series (Book Six)
By Paula Marinaro



Sex with Riker Devlin. The gift that kept on giving.
Despite having been raised in refined Catholic schools, Gia Bonzini was no angel. She had given her Uncle Gianni a run for his money in more ways than she could count. Uncle G had warned her that one more stunt and he would be done with her. Being an unwed mother to an outlaw biker’s baby would definitely qualify.
Riker Devlin was Saints to the bone. He rode hard, lived free, and answered only to himself and his president. The last thing he ever expected was to be presented with a choice that would turn the carefree life he knew spinning on its wheels.
Set against a backdrop of intrigue, violence, and chivalry this sixth installment of the Hells Saints MC series takes you on a wild ride with your favorite band of brothers.


Another amazing read from one of my fave authors ~
Paula Marinaro’s Hells Saints MC series is one of my all-time faves. She certainly didn’t disappoint with this latest installment, Raising Riker, which focuses on the turbulent, nutty, and pretty freakin’ awesome relationship between Riker Devlin and Gia Abiatti.
The whole series is a mesh between an MC and the mob. That’s a whole lot of badass, bossy testosterone floating around.
What I love about Paula’s books is how she includes a ton of humor mixed in with with all the action and sexy times that go hand and hand with biker romance books. The Italian (Catholic) references, whether it be Gia worrying over Riker’s soul sentenced to eternal damnation, to Uncle Gianni (major mob boss) and her mom, Audrina, losing their s#*t over not planning or privy to what Riker and Gia have gotten themselves into from the get go ~ and then … there’s Prosper, the MC’s prez.
Prosper is one of the BEST MC presidents out there. His “moral” speeches are epic. If any of his guys needed a father, Prosper is the one. He’s loud, vulgar, BADASS to the nth degree. The things that come out of this man’s mouth astound me from either his very roundabout tidbits of wisdom or his sarcasm inflicted on his club brothers (gotta keep those knuckleheads in line!). He fights hard to keep his family, his brothers, and his club safe. The best part? He loves even harder. I know this is Riker’s story, and I really did love it, but whether Paula realizes it or not, the impression that Prosper leaves in every installment is monumental. Yeah, much love for this series, but Prosper’s story needs to be told!!!!!!
Reviewed by Lisa Cullinan ~ Bourbon, Bikes, and Books


If you’re not caught up, grab the whole series ~ you’ll be happy you did!


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AA752214-43C2-4ED0-B1EF-60446AFC416C.jpegRaising Riker: Book Six



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