Sometimes you have to let go and move on …

There’s nothing I love more than everything having to do with this crazy book world that consumes so many of us. The friends I’ve made, the authors I’ve discovered, the reader groups I have so much fun with, whether I help run them or not, and the camaraderie and sisterhood among my fellow bloggers are all a big part of the reason why there’s no where else I’d rather be …

With that being said—for almost three years, I was the sole caretaker of Turningpagesatmidnight’s facebook page. I posted and pimped and made up my own artwork like a madwoman, occasionally getting myself thrown in Facebook jail. Hell, I’ve even been ousted, banned, and deleted from posting any amazon review! Which brings me here. RIGHT HERE … writing my first post on MY OWN blog.

I’ve found that I only have “so much” authority to do what I really want to do with that page, especially when it’s been real hard to contact its owner. But THIS is all good. I can post reviews, recommend books, and just be all around more creative. Why, I can even make up my own Facebook page and link this bad boy to it! I feel free, lol … and THAT feels amazing.

I really hope that you’ll join me on my journey. Yeah, that would be very cool!

Love and Peace, Lisa Cullinan