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Cover Reveal


Gemma Weir is revealing the next 3 covers for her Mountain Man Series!

Saved by the Mountain ManMontana Mountain Men #5

Saved by The Mountain Man Blurb:

Beautiful, rude and incredibly obnoxious, Teddy Barnett is wanted by every woman in Rockhead Point, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re welcome to him.

He made me an offer that I easily refused. Only now he’s changed his mind about what he wants from me, and he’s determined to make me change mine too. He’s used to getting his own way, but I have no intention of being just another woman who falls at his feet.

He can stalk me, he can try to seduce me, but what he’s forgotten is that he’s not the only gorgeous man in town.

But apparently, even in a place this small, danger can still lurk around every fork in the road, and it looks like fate might have decided to play its hand after all.

My mountain man watched me, followed me, saved me, and now he’s determined to keep me too.

Belonging to the Mountain ManMontana Mountain Men #6

Loving the Mountain ManMontana Mountain Men #7