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Title: Special Delivery
Author: Abby Tyler
Genre: Single Dad Romance
Release Date: October 7, 2019


She brought him pizza. He delivered a family.
Police Officer Jack Stone hasn’t been able to leave the house in seven days. His wreck of a sister gave birth in prison, and baby Ella has been discharged into his care.
He has no idea what to do with her.
Louisa is ready to move on with her life and arrives at Jack’s house with her very last pizza delivery before she quits. When he opens the door, Ella is crying, his place is a disaster, and Applebottom’s senior police officer is completely lost.
He could solve her problem, and she could solve his.
Too bad they’ve hated each other since high school.
It will take the entire town to end the twenty-year feud between Jack and Louisa and remind them that people do grow up, and in a crisis, you often grow together.
Louisa gestured to all the towels, the strewn clothes, the dirty bottles, and complete disarray. “You need some help,” she said.“I haven’t told anybody about her.”

Louisa’s eyes dropped to the baby. “You’re going to have to eventually. You need help.”

Jack could feel the anger rising in him. This is exactly what he didn’t want—everyone showing up, telling him what to do. “It’s just a baby. I can handle her.”

“Looks like you’re really handling it, Jack. I’m going to let Betty know. She’ll get a whole team of ladies in here.”

Jack jumped to his feet. “You will not tell a soul!”

The baby startled, her arms flailing out as though she’d been attacked. Her eyes opened, and her mouth let out a terrible little wail.

“Give Ella to me,” Jack said, his voice practically a growl. “We’re done here.”

“Stop scaring her,” she said. “The last thing this child needs is to have the first conversation she’s heard in a week be two people arguing.”

Jack balled his hands into fists and willed himself to calm down. Louisa always got under his skin. The woman was maddening.

“It’s not like you know a lot about babies,” he said, although he knew it was a low blow to bring up her lack of family. “Now give her to me.”

It worked. Louisa passed the baby back into his arms.

“Jack Stone, you would cut off your own nose to spite your face. You need help, and there’s no way I’m going to keep this a secret.” She pointed a finger at the baby. “For her sake, not yours. You can starve for all I care.”

She didn’t even look back as she opened the door, stepped out, and slammed it behind her. The loud thud set the baby to crying with renewed strength.

“Good riddance,” Jack said to the door.

He lifted Ella to his shoulder. “We didn’t need her anyway.”

In response, Ella spit up all over his last clean shirt.


Abby Tyler loves puppy dogs, pie, and small towns (she grew up in one!) Her Applebottom Matchmaker Society books combine the sweet and wholesome style of romance she loves with the funny, sometimes a-little-too-truthful characters she remembers from growing up in a place where everyone knew everybody’s business.


New Release/Excerpt

Title: Saved With the Single Dad
Series: The Single Dads of Seattle
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance/Single Dad
Release Date: July 27, 2019




Loving yourself is the first step on the road to healing.
Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Mitch’s story …
Single dad of Seattle, Mitch Benson can’t move, can’t blink, can’t think, let alone do his job and photograph the woman on stage. Every fiber of his body wakes up when Paige McPherson starts to dance. She pours out her heart, bares her grief and pain for the world to see–the same grief and pain that has ruled his every waking moment since his wife passed and left him to raise their daughter alone. Paige is dancing his truth, and in that moment, Mitch knows his life is going to change.
Paige never thought she’d notice a man again, but there’s no ignoring Mitch–or the message in the photographs he takes. Learning to dance has reignited her passion for life and shattered the protective shell she’s built around her heart. That’s not good–no matter what anyone else says, it’s her fault she lost her son, and while she’s on the healing path, it’s a long journey and one she’s determined to take alone.
Mitch knows Paige thinks she doesn’t deserve a second chance at love, but he can’t bear to back away from the one woman who makes him feel alive again. He’s willing to fight for their future, whatever it takes.
Paige can’t deny her attraction for Mitch, but moving forward means betraying her past. Now she’s faced with a new dilemma–quit her job as the head pastry chef at a very prestigious Seattle restaurant and strike off on her own, or stay working for the boss from hell. Paige isn’t sure she’s ready for all the changes. Can the single dad save her in time? Or will grief and indecision swallow her whole?
**Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, cursing, and of course as with all my books, this has an HEA and no cliffhanger or cheating. If you like single dads who take charge, this book is for you.


5-Star ReviewJust when you think you know how this story will end it changes, or at least it did for me. What I loved is it touches on some very emotional issues that SO many women face…and often others don’t understand. Brought tears to my eyes several times! ~ @help_me_35180 (Bookbub Review)

5-Star ReviewA must-read story that is heartrending and heartwarming.It reaches into your heart, squeezes it multiple times and leaves you in tears. This author is very skilled at putting into words the emotions and psychological status surrounding all types/stages of grief. ~Marti (Amazon Review)

5-Star ReviewAbsolutely loved this book! Mitch and Paige had me hooked from the very beginning. Whitley is my favorite new writer! I can’t get enough of her books! ~Mrs.Taz (Amazon Review)

Her lips were soft, and she tasted like sparkling wine as he swept his tongue inside. A moan rose up from the back of her throat. He deepened the kiss, his hands roaming up her back and into the wild curls on the top of her head. He pulled the hair elastic free and threaded his fingers into the dark, tight waves. His blood began to race south and pool between his legs. Undoubtedly, she could probably feel it against her lower belly. 

She pushed her hips against his. 

Oh yeah, she felt it. 

He also knew he wasn’t ready to take it any further than a kiss. 

For one, he didn’t have any condoms on him. 

Two, just last week, Paige had wanted nothing to do with him. If he wanted things between them to be real, which he did, they needed to take things slow.

He’d promised himself that they would go at Paige’s speed, and he intended to keep that promise, no matter how much his balls protested otherwise. 

And three, he knew he was ready to pursue something with Paige, but he also hadn’t dated in years. How did people do it anymore? How did thirty-somethings date? Did people date? Or was it like his mother said, people just jumped into bed with one another and figured out the rest later? There was no wooing, no courting, no getting to know the person before you stripped down in front of them and showed them all your freckles.

He wanted to woo Paige. He wanted to court her and date her and find out exactly what made her tick. They’d both been through a hell of a lot in the last couple of years, and she deserved respect for all that she’d overcome. 

He broke the kiss but held her against him. Both of their chests heaved, and warm puffs of air from her mouth hit his face.

“We’re taking this slow, baby,” he said, pressing his lips to her forehead. “I really like you, and I don’t want to push. Don’t want to rush things.”

He heard her swallow and felt her nod. His fingers were still threaded in her hair, his palm against the back of her head. 

“I like you too,” she whispered. 

Mitch’s heart skipped a beat, and his smile hurt his face. He pulled her away just enough so he could look into her eyes. “Well, that’s just about the best news I’ve heard all day. Possibly all year.”

She worried her plump bottom lip between her teeth. “I’m okay taking it slow … but … ”

He lifted his eyebrows. “Hmm?”

“Can we do that again? I forgot how much I love just kissing.”

Mitch groaned, and his cock lurched against her thigh in protest. “Baby, we can kiss all night if you want to.” Then he dipped his head and took her mouth again, reveling in her little moans and whimpers as she fit perfectly into his arms. 

As if she were meant to be there all along.


A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, these books have everything we need to satisfy the curious kink in all of us.


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Title: Game Changer
Series: Change of Hearts Series Book One
Author: Sierra Hill
Genre: Single Daddy/Nanny Sports Romance
Release Date: July 25, 2019
Up until two years ago, I was living large and my life’s priorities were anchored to three things – my NBA stardom, money and celebrity. 

I was also a dick.
Until one night turned my world upside down and I suffered unspeakable loss. That event changed the man I was and made me a widowed-single father. 
Now I’m a desperate parent trying to raise my special needs son and find him a trustworthy live-in nanny.
Grad student Brooklyn Hayes may be the one, with her single-minded focus on caring for my son and finishing her Master’s degree. She’s the perfect fit for our needs.
Maybe too perfect…with her bright smile, nurturing kindness and gentle touch. Caleb isn’t the only one who’s fallen for her.
I don’t know when or how it happened, but she changed the game for me. Turning my losing streak into a winning second-half.

“So, tell me about the elusive Coach Garrett Parker. Is he as hot up-close-and-personal as he is down on the basketball court sidelines?” She sighs dreamily, a faraway look in her eyes. “He is so hot in that gray suit. And that scowl of concentration across his face? Oooh, makes me wonder if he wears the same expression when he fucks.”

She turns over onto her back and laughs huskily, toying with my shirt in her hands.

Honestly since attending the senior night basketball home game together this past March, all Peyton could talk about the entire game was how handsome the Associate Head Coach was, and how much she loved a man who hid all their assets under a well-tailored suit. While I agreed with her assessment at the time, noting that he did look very handsome, I was more into the game happening on the court to be gawking at the sidelines.

There is no doubt that Coach Parker wears that suit of his quite well. But now that I’ve seen him in person, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and track pants that showed off his toned, muscular frame, I’d say that is much more appealing to me.

And even more appealing? Those few minutes in his kitchen when he was bare-chested. Holy hell, I nearly tripped over my tongue and my own feet at the sight of his impressive torso and defined ab muscles that screamed, “Hey ladies, this ain’t your typical dad-bod.”

So yeah, I can understand Peyton’s attraction to Coach Parker, even if it’s absolutely, one-hundred percent off-limits and nothing I can do about it now that I’m his employee. I take my job seriously and am a professional. My focus needs to be on my career and fulfilling my obligations, not getting involved with a hot sexy single dad.

Plus, he most likely has a girlfriend. No man that good-looking would be without female attention.

“Listen, get that shit out of your head right now. Coach is my new boss and I can’t have you all googly-eyed over him. Otherwise, you’re never getting an invite to visit me.”

She blows a raspberry between her lips and I snatch the T-shirt out of her hands with a growl, placing it in the second open suitcase at the end of the bed.

“Come on, Brooklyn,” she hums breathlessly. “Just admit it one time. You think he’s hot, don’t you? And if you didn’t work for him, he’d be exactly your type. Tall, smart jock, even a little broody.”

She gives me a haughty wink, which I respond to with an overly-dramatized sigh.

“Sure, fine. Whatever. If things were different and I just met him like at a bar or a party somewhere, yeah. I wouldn’t hesitate. But that’s not how this is. So, you can just scrub those thoughts right out of your sex-crazed, overactive imagination and help me figure out what else I need to bring with me.”

Peyton jumps off the bed and rushes to my open chest of drawers, whipping out all my thongs and sexy, non-sports bra essentials. She dangles a lacy-white bralette in the air and whistles.

“This…you definitely need this one.”

I grunt with annoyance. “No, I definitely do not. I need to be comfortable because this job will be very physical and will require me to get down on my hands and knees a lot.”

Wrong thing to say.
Peyton tilts her head and pops her hip to the side, twirling the lacy bra in her fingers.

“Exactly my point. We’ve all heard the stories about daddies falling for their nannies. It’s so classic. Jude Law. Rob Lowe. Gavin Rossdale. Men just can’t help themselves when a hot young thing is under their roof. It’s just man vs. nature.”

“Stop with the clichés, Peyton. I mean it. You’re making my job sound sordid and sleazy. You know I’m not like that. I’m not becoming a nanny to land a rich guy. And Garrett is dealing with some pretty big life shit. I mean, his wife died and he’s raising his disabled son on his own. I can tell you one thing for certain, and that’s that Coach Parker is not looking to hop into bed with a nanny and complicate his life any further.”

Peyton remains silent, her only non-verbal response is through the lift of her eyebrows and tightly pursed lips. A look that says, “Yeah, right.”

Sierra writes and has published 22 new adult/erotic contemporary novels, including the award-winning series, Courting Love (college sports) and the erotic ménage serial, Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio.


Sierra lives with her husband and dog in the Seattle area and is a sucker for cheap accessories, loves anything dark chocolate, and enjoys attending traveling and attending live concerts.


New Release/Excerpt

Title: Dancing With the Single Dad
Series: The Single Dads of Seattle
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance/Single Dad
Release Date: July 5, 2019
Hanging up your dance shoes isn’t so easy when you can’t let go of your former dance partner.


Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Adam’s story …
Single Dad of Seattle, Adam Eastwood, knows that dance school is just the thing for his precocious daughter, Mira. She already spends most days twirling around the house in a tutu and tiara, why not pay a professional to teach her how to do it properly? Only Adam didn’t account for that professional to be the Violet Benson from a very famous New York ballet company. Not only is Violet a natural beauty who floats more than she dances, but she’s the kind of woman Adam’s been searching for all his life.
Grieving the loss of her dance partner and boyfriend, Violet is done with performing on stage. How can she go on when the love of her life is no longer there to catch her? Deciding a change is best, she moves back home to Seattle, determined to fulfill their dream of opening up a dance school. It’s not until she’s asked to dance for Art in the Park that she realizes maybe she’s not quite ready to hang up her dance shoes. Would it be wrong to take the stage one last time? It must be wrong to feel what she feels when she’s dancing with Mira’s handsome father.
Adam’s wounds are still fresh from his divorce, and Violet’s dealing with a loss of her own, but somehow they keep winding up in each other’s arms with neither of them willing to let go. But it’s never easy to conquer the past.
Will Violet let fear and grief keep her from her dreams? Or will Adam convince her that the show must go on and dancing with the single dad might just be the way for her to find her happily ever after?
**Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, cursing, and of course as with all my books, this has an HEA and no cliffhanger or cheating. If you like single dads who take charge, this book is for you.

He’d only known Violet for a week, but there was something special about her. She had a softness to her, a calmness and class that he was missing in his life.


“You’re a really great dance partner,” she whispered, her fingers tightening on his shoulder.
“Helps when the woman you’re dancing with knows the steps. Knows how to move.”
He hadn’t removed his hand from her cheek. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she leaned into his touch, her eyelids dropped to half-mast, and a small smile drifted across her mouth. “Thank you for everything tonight. It’s been a nice birthday. I needed something like this.”
He brought their clasped hands down to their sides and instead wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand falling to the small of her back, fingers splaying against her slender frame. “You deserve a happy birthday,” he said softly, his gaze sliding to her plump, red lips. Her tongue darted out and ran along the seam, moistening them and making them shine. Adam had to push down the groan inside him that wanted to break free.
Her lips parted. Was it an invitation?
He wanted it to be an invitation.
He wanted her to welcome his lips, his kiss, his body. Welcome him to wrap his arms around her and absorb the hurt, give her nothing but happiness. She deserved happiness. They all did.
“Adam … ” she whispered. Their faces were close enough now he could feel small, warm puffs of air from her breath on his chin. She lifted her gaze to his. Her bright eyes, the color of hanging moss, were warm and curious.
He dipped his head low and tightened his hold on her cheek and back. She didn’t resist him. Instead she melted into his arms, her body seeming to find comfort in his strength, in his closeness. At least, that’s what he hoped. Gently, he tilted her head up to give him better access to her mouth. Again, she didn’t resist. Her eyes fluttered shut and her lips parted. He took his opening and brushed his lips against hers.
Her pulse raced wildly under his thumb where it rested against her neck, and when a soft moan slid up her throat, the vibration of it ran right through him, landing firmly between his legs. Her chest expanded rapidly against his. But again, she didn’t pull away. No, she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, opening for him, allowing him to slip his tongue inside to explore and taste. She met his demands with her own, sucking on his tongue and nibbling on his bottom lip. The woman could kiss.
Adam’s hand slipped down from her cheek to wrap more tightly around her back, supporting her as he bent her low, taking what she offered. She went with him, clinging to him with an almost frantic desperation.
They fed off each other, their tongues tangling, their breath mingled. She whimpered into his mouth, and he took the kiss deeper. Her legs parted slightly when he dipped her, and he wedged a knee between them, feeling the heat of her against his thigh. He pressed against the V of her legs, and she ground up against him. He pressed again. She bucked up harder. He was hard as granite, and she knew it. She also didn’t seem to mind.


A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, these books have everything we need to satisfy the curious kink in all of us.

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Title: Hired by the Single Dad
Series: The Single Dads of Seattle
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance/Single Dad
Release Date: June 15, 2019 

He needs someone to work with his son, she needs a job. They need to keep their hands to themselves.

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.

This is Mark’s story …

Single Dad of Seattle Dr. Mark Herron can’t believe anyone would celebrate their divorce. The dissolution of his marriage left him and his son with a huge hole to fill in their home–and their hearts. So when he overhears a lovely stranger and her friends celebrating the end of her marriage, he’s mystified–and then intrigued–by her determination to put the past behind her. But when he learns that Tori Jones needs a job, he knows this can’t be a coincidence.

Tori might be telling the world nothing’s got her down, but the truth is she’s hit rock bottom. Her husband didn’t just cheat on her, he took all her money, including her college fund, which means her marriage is over, and so is her dream to go to grad school and help children with special needs. So when a handsome stranger offers her a job caring for his special needs son, she knows she can’t turn it down–

Even if what she’s feeling for Mark is far from professional.

Now Mark’s finding it hard to keep his hands to himself and Tori’s struggling to keep her thoughts from straying to dangerous territory. Will they be able to keep their distance from each other or will being hired by the sexy single dad be Tori’s biggest problem of all? 

5-star review
“There is nothing like a book that sucks you in and doesn’t let up until the last page. Whitley Cox knows how to spin a tale with fabulous characters that you can’t forget! I loved Tori and Mark’s story, I loved how their story played out. Their attraction is so passionate and intense, you can feel the heat between them.” ~ Leslee Nevill (Amazon Reviewer)

5-star review
“This author did a great job touching on the subject of autism and how it affects the family. I loved how this series is going to be about each of Mark’s buddies and how they navigate their lives as single dads. I really am looking forward to the next book in this series.” ~Kelly Mentzer (Amazon Reviewer)

5-star review
“This story could not have been better! I love when an author writes a wonderful storyline for a person with special needs and does it very well. I have a child with special needs so this story grabbed hold of my heart, and so did little Gabe. A fabulous start to what promises to be an amazing series. The connection that Mark and Tori have is blazing hot but of course the whole employee/employer thing creates a conflict. Whitley Cox gave us a well written story, drama, humor, steamy scenes, tons of chemistry and a whole bunch of amazing characters. I can’t wait for book 2.” ~Cayson09 (Amazon Reviewer)

5-star review
“This was my first time reading a book like this and boy was my heart not ready! Mark is a single dad of a wonderful special needs son named Gabe. Finding someone who is good with Gade and meets all of their needs is a hard job to fill. After meeting Tori one day out of the blue, he knew that she was a perfect fit for his son Gabe. Little did he know that she was also the perfect fit for him! This book takes you on a heartwarming journey of understanding, love, and even loss. I couldn’t put it down. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the single dad’a stories! You get a little taste of each of them as an intro with Mark and Tori’s book and I want more!”~ Danielle (Amazon Reviewer)

“What are your plans this weekend?” she asked, feeling like she needed to keep the conversation flowing. When they grew quiet, her imagination took the reins and drove her train of thought straight into the gutter in Sexyville, USA. And that gutter was filthy!

He lifted one shoulder, passing her the dish towel so she could dry her hands after she removed the drain plug. “Poker night Saturday, then I think I might take Gabe to The Museum of Flight on Sunday. He loves it there.”

Right, his “dads’ club” and their weekly poker night. 

What were they all like? Did they sit around bashing their ex-wives? Bashing women? Or was it more of a support group for the struggles of independent child rearing? Or were they typical men and didn’t talk about their feelings at all and just drank beer, ate junk food, grunted and gambled? 

Probably the latter. 

“Sounds like a good time. Do you really gamble away your money, or is it all for fun?”

He hung up the dish towel, his gaze sliding toward her. “Real money.”

She pursed her lips. “Wow. Maybe when I have two pennies to rub together again, someday I can take a trip to Vegas and sit at a poker table. Take in the action. The excitement. Are you any good?”

His smile was coy. “I win more than I lose.”

“That’s good.”

She needed to get going. She needed to get home, get away from the delicious-smelling single dad standing in front of her wearing a black T-shirt far too tight to leave anything to the imagination, and gray sweatpants she wanted to rip off him with her teeth. 

“Well, I … uh … I guess I should get going. Those fish aren’t going to feed themselves.” She slid her hand along the cool quartz countertop, letting it ground her and bring down her body temperature. She was in a full-on inferno. The way Mark was looking at her … it was giving her false hope. It was giving her the wrong idea. 

The wrong idea to be bad. To do bad, bad things. 

Bad, bad fun things.

But, no she couldn’t go there. 


Not ever. 

Not with her boss. 

Not with the single dad. 

His gaze never left hers as his head bobbed in a nearly indiscernible nod. “I guess so.” 

Was that disappointment on his face? Were his eyes asking her to stay? Were they asking her to strip naked and bend over the counter? 

Oh God … Uncle John eating chicken wings without a shirt on, his enormous, hairy, barrel chest covered in barbecue sauce, sitting in a kiddie pool with water wings and a floaty ring.

Phew. Crisis averted.

Keeping her hand on the counter for balance, because her faculties seemed to have suddenly escaped her, she went to move past him, only her fingers knocked something off the counter onto the tile floor. 

“Shit,” Tori murmured. She glanced down, only to find Mark’s phone, of all possible things, on the floor. “Oh no!”

“It’s okay.” He bent down to get it.

She bent down too.

Just as her hand wrapped around the phone, his hand wrapped around her wrist. Electricity ripped through her the moment his fingers grazed her skin. A pulse so intense, so hot, so charged she felt like she’d stuck a fork into an electrical socket. She leapt back, dropping the phone and pulling her hand free from his grasp. 

“Sorry.” He stood up. 

Tori swallowed the lump in her throat, pushing down the emotions, the arousal, the pure animalistic lust she felt for the man standing in front of her. “I—I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t crack the screen.”

He turned the phone over in his big, sexy palm, a roguish grin pulling at the corners of his delicious-looking lips. “Not a scratch.”

She licked her lips. “That’s good.”

His eyes locked on hers. “Yeah.”

Tori’s mouth parted, little puffs of air coming out as if she’d just run a mile. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest, and her palms grew clammy. 

Mark’s gaze burned into her. “Tori … ”


“Ah, fuck!”

And then he was on her.

A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.

A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, these books have everything we need to satisfy the curious kink in all of us.

New Release

Title: In Too Deep
Series: Winter Games #4
Author: Dr. Rebecca Sharp
Genre: New Adult, Single-Dad, Enemies-to-lovers
Release Date: February 5, 2019
My life had been a series of unfortunate events:
Some of them out of my control, some of them entirely my fault.
I was only weeks away from being able to take my daughter and 
finally be free from the past that had imprisoned us.
And then Tamsin Lucas showed up on my doorstep,
looking every inch the innocent angel yet begging to be ruined.
I told myself I could live not knowing her secrets or the reason for her hurt.
And I swore I could survive never touching her again.
Until I needed her to homeschool my daughter.
Now, I’m fighting to rein in my desire for the woman who’s always been perfect
and protect her from those who are out to destroy me.
Tammy was too good to want someone like me.
But what if I was too bad to care to stay away?
Making the right choice was the slogan for my life and the motto for my soul,
until all the right decisions led to a very wrong result.
In the moment when life felt like a catastrophe, 
I ran to him. Nick Frost. 
The callous man who was colder than the mountain 
and possessed more secrets than it did snowflakes.
For one night, I traded sense for sensibility 
and my well-kept order for his comfortable chaos.
I thought one night and one wrong choice would be enough 
until he became my boss and wrong began to look a lot like right.
With every day that passes, I learn there’s more to his story than the world knows
and more to the unquenchable desire being written between us.
Nick was too bad to want someone like me.
But what if what we had was too good to keep me away?

I’d had too much to drink – which was saying a lot because I’d only had one drink, a Jameson and ginger ale, half of which still resided in my glass on the table in front of me. I silently chided myself that this was why I didn’t drink, but part of me was afraid, very afraid, that how I felt had nothing to do with the alcohol.
I looked out through the fog at the sea of smiles and laughs at the other patrons currently enjoying Karaoke night at Peak’s Pub, including my best friends, Jessa and Ally. Karaoke nights were always pretty busy at the pub but thankfully, we’d gotten here in time to grab a table by the front windows and relatively close to the stage; there was no way I could stand without crumbling over right now. There was a large, dark mahogany bar in the center of the room manned by the three usual bartenders who kept the crowd there under control.
I sucked in a loud breath as pain tightened the noose around my lower stomach, every beat from the speakers fell in time with the throbbing inside me. Any other day, I’d make my apologies and call a cab home, but tonight we were out celebrating Ally’s birthday. All day I’d hoped my body would fall in line with the general celebratory sentiment – just for one night – but of course, it hadn’t.
I sent my girls a reassuring smile as they glanced over at me from the floor in front of the stage with worry marring their happiness. Sitting up taller, I held up my glass as a small salute, and did my best to look like I wasn’t dying on the inside. 
Everyone had their own trials in life, I just wished that mine were the kind that would still let me enjoy a night out. Instead, all I had to look forward to was more tests, more bloodwork, more fears, more words that I hated hearing, and leaving the doctor’s office with more questions than answers. The only thing I knew for sure was that something was very, very wrong.
‘We are going to talk about this, you know,’ Ally said to me earlier tonight and I promised her that I would, but it was a promise I didn’t want to keep. I’d been having a lot of pain lately and because of it, I’d spent so much time at the doctor’s, I was surprised no one started mistaking me for a member of the staff. Unfortunately, they still didn’t have answers and I didn’t have the strength to try to find some for Ally – or Jessa for that matter.
My hand stole over my stomach. Gosh, I really felt like crap. Why tonight of all nights? I just wanted to go out and have a great time with my girls for Ally’s birthday. Just one night…
But when it rains, it pours – or so it seemed lately.
I glanced up to see Ally’s older brother, Chance, and one of his best friends, Nick Frost strolling through the bar liked they owned the place – the locals might say that they did, being the SnowmassHoles and all…
The SnowmassHoles was the nickname given by a good portion of the town of Aspen to Chance Ryder and his best friends, Nick Frost and Emmett Jameson. They were the local snowboarding rulers of the Snowmass Resort and their attitudes garnered their infamy. 
It started in high school when they would host late night snowboarding competitions that they called the ‘Winter Games’ at Snowmass after the resort had closed for the evening. They broke the rules but never got caught. The Games ended with graduation but they still referred to each other by their nicknames, even almost a decade later. Chance was dubbed ‘Pride,’ for being on his way to becoming the greatest snowboarder in the world, and, like the name, he’d fallen and was still trying to pick up the pieces. Emmett was deemed ‘King’ after beating Chance in one competition that Chance insisted he threw. And Nick… Well, Nick Frost was just called ‘Frost’ because the shimmering ice fit his person and his personality.
And it was a cold that always made me shiver.
You don’t care what he thinks about how you look, a small voice inside my head whispered as I averted my gaze from the most gorgeously cold man I’d ever known.
Nick Frost was a Casanova on ice – shaken, not stirred. And to me, he was the most breathtaking of them all. Messy, short brown hair, a jawline that was as dangerous and as sharp as his smile, and a body that I didn’t need to see without clothes on to know that it was as hard and as carved as an ice sculpture. 
I wanted to see it, though, and sometimes, I dreamt about it – about him, the man whose chilling and unimpressed stare made my body melt.
He was so painfully beautiful. Unique. Just like a snowflake.
And just as exquisitely cold and crystalline.
Untouchable – disintegrating at the barest brush of real feeling.
And always falling. Always unable to be caught.
Harmless in singularity, except when I waited and watched and wished for too long. Then, he became an avalanche swallowing every perfectly ordered piece of me and spitting me back out into a mess of chaos that I couldn’t handle. 
So, I mostly ignored and avoided him. It wasn’t hard; I liked my world the complete opposite of how it seemed he needed his.
His life was the lovechild of excess and cliché. Beautiful, rich boy who wanted for nothing, yet couldn’t seem to ever get enough – parties, women, drugs, and alcohol. And then, he went from high school cliché to sob-story when his dad died unexpectedly right at the end of high school; after that broken didn’t even begin to describe him. At that moment, what happened next was so critical to his future and healing – but whatever was needed to make him whole again, he didn’t get. And the things he shouldn’t want, but couldn’t seem to get enough of were poured on him like buckets of ice water on a football coach after winning the Super Bowl. 
The parties were the kind that would have made Prince Harry take off his clothes. The girls, well, I guess I’ll just say there was a rumor that sleeping with Nick Frost was a graduation requirement since almost every girl had done it. Except me; and therein proof that the rumor was false. And the drugs… those got bad after graduation. I didn’t see the result… I didn’t want to. He’d gone from the bunny slopes of weed to the black diamonds of crack in world-record-setting time.
I’d never been to his house or his parties, so maybe these were all exaggerations… but I didn’t think he was that lucky. I, on the other hand, preferred to stay in the background, quietly watching from afar as the most beautiful man I’d ever seen was cut open by life and then proceeded to rip his own guts out. My only explanation for it all was that almost dying was the only thing that made him feel alive.
Chaos fed him; chaos sustained him. Whereas I needed structure and calm and security. I needed it in every aspect of my life because it kept being slowly stripped away from my body.
Tight jeans and a V-neck shirt. Hair that looked like a female had just had her hands buried knuckles deep in it while he was buried… I shook my head. His hair was sexy messy, let’s just leave it at that. In all, he could have passed for a rockstar – the look completed by the joint that half hung out of his front pocket.
I watched them greet the birthday girl, shocked a little when even Frost gave Ally a hug. The shock dissipated when he didn’t look twice at me. It was probably for the best. 
“Are you actually drinking tonight, Tamsin?” Maybe I wasn’t that lucky. His voice was smooth, whiskey-covered words burned as I took them in. I didn’t like it when he spoke to me. It was rare – thankfully – but when it happened, my entire body forgot how to function.
I looked for someone to save me, but Chance had said something to Jessa and Ally seemed completely entranced by their interaction. Meanwhile, Nick had stepped right next to me so I doubted any of them could’ve heard what he said.
I shifted in my seat, momentarily forgetting about my stomach cramps. His face was so close – too close – to mine.
“I am,” I gulped, taking another sip of the drink that I shouldn’t be drinking. In punishment, the pangs in my lower abdomen returned with full force, but I definitely wouldn’t let him see my discomfort. 
“So, you’re going to let me take you home, then?”
I almost spit out my drink. “Excuse me?” 
My whole body trembled. I must have misheard. Nick Frost would never have said that to me. Of all the women in the world, I was not the one that he wanted.
“Tonight,” he repeated calmly. “You’re going to let me take you home, wrap those long legs around my waist, and let me find out if your pussy is as tight as the lid you lock over your control.” He looked down at the drink in my hand. “I figure if you are drinking, tonight is my best shot at making that happen.”
I stared for an awkwardly long amount of time. I couldn’t be hearing him correctly. Nick Frost. Who never had two words to rub together for me, let alone two nice ones, just calmly requested to spend the night inside of me. Technically, he didn’t really request…
“I… umm…” I shook my head. “N-no. No, thank you. Sorry.”
Did I just say ‘no, thank you’ to having sex? Excuse me – to having sex with the hottest jerk this side of Snowmass? Maybe I was drunk. That would explain all of this. It was the only thing that would explain all of this. I was drunk and delusional.
“Alright, Miss Priss.” He swallowed a sneer, enjoying his nickname for me far more than I liked, and shrugged like my answer made no difference to him; he’d just find someone else to sleep with tonight. I felt a small twinge in my tummy – a different kind of twinge from the cramps I’d been experiencing all night, but still painful. 
Sadness. Jealousy. Longing. An ache for every dirty and delicious thing that I’d ever heard about him to be done to me. 
He nodded to the crowd forming by the stage, saying, “Then pick her.”
Was it the alcohol or was I always this obtuse when he tried to talk to me?
“Pick who?” I squeaked out, bringing my cup to my mouth for another sip. Someone needed to take this drink away from me.
A smirk spread over his face like water slowly freezing. “Pick the woman I’m going to fuck tonight while I’m thinking of you.”
My mouthful of watered-down cocktail spewed back into my glass, only serving to widen his smile, as my cheeks flamed at his insinuation. It was horrible and wrong.
Yet, the part of me that only I had ever touched clenched at the notion that he wanted to think of me while he was screwing someone else. It was a horribly satisfying feeling – dirty and bad and everything that I shouldn’t want to feel but craved more of.
His amused pale blue eyes fell from mine with a sigh. I knew what he thought. That I was all prim and proper and dutifully horrified by his suggestion. Most days and for most people, Tamsin Lucas would have scoffed and scolded. But today was not most days – today a part of me knew I was getting sicker and today I’d ordered a cocktail to try to forget. And most days, Frost wasn’t most people. In fact, at times like this, he was the only person.
All that to say, “Her.” 
I felt the spark pass between us as the word slipped from my lips. His head jerked to mine and his eyes narrowed, disbelieving what his ears had heard.
“Her,” I repeated, my eyes gliding over to a buxom blonde who had a t-shirt on that said ‘#askingforit.’ Because that was so classy. Perfect choice for Frost. I couldn’t stop my eyes from rolling, both because of her careless choice of attire and then as I watched his eyes drip languidly over her body.
Looking back at me, his slight nod was cut off by Chance, who was still talking to his sister but moving in the direction of the bar.
“When you decide you’re tired of being so put together, give me a call. I promise, I will make falling apart be the best fucking thing to ever happen to you,” he rasped; but it was the look in his eyes that strangled the breath coming from my lungs – the one that said it was all he was ever waiting for.


Rebecca Sharp is a dentist and International Best-Selling author living in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, the love of her life. After graduating Cum Laude from Lafayette College in 2011 with two degrees (one in Business & Economics and one in French), she pursued her doctoral degree at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Graduating in 2015, she has since been working in her family’s dental practice that has serving the local community for over 60 years.
While she enjoys the practical and challenging academic aspects of her career and the fulfillment of providing care to her patients, Rebecca desired to pursue something more creative in her free time. Starting with her love of Jane Austen, she began writing. While she enjoys all types of books, romance novels have always held a special place in her heart. (True story: She listed a Sabrina Jeffries novel on her 8th grade summer reading list. Much to her surprise, the teacher didn’t even notice!) She has currently published numerous contemporary romance titles.
When she isn’t taking care of her patients or writing/publishing her next book, Rebecca loves to read, cook, draw, and snowboard. She has a small addiction to coffee and the TV show ‘Friends.’ She and her husband are avid travelers, determined to visit every corner of this beautiful planet!